DIY Design Theory Helsinki

DIY Design Theory: Helsinki Design Week, Mark John DeYoung

DIY Design Theory | Helsinki Design Week | Helsinki, Finland

The Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Design Theory Helsinki project featured an entertaining event where audience members, come participants, made T-shirts themed on design and design theory.

Existing as a kind of analog as well as digital social media experiment (Twitter, Facebook), responses ranged from amusing and fun, to profound and provocative. The event took place in the International Design Council 2012 designated World Design Capital Helsinki, during the Pecha Kucha night, which was the Helsinki Design Week culminating event.

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Everyone is a Designer & Everything is Design

AIGA Think Tank Mark John DeYoung with Brad Reagan

DIY Design Theory Event  AIGA| AIGA Think Tank Conference | Nashville, Tennessee

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Design Theory project where conference attendees were invited to create a design theory “drawing” and express their opinion on design. The title of the show, Everything is Design & Everyone is a Designer, refers to our societal role in the creation and defense of our societal norms and values. More particularly, it points to our responsibility as designers in creating the future we imagine: a responsibility design has often times eschewed.

The think tank lounge environment consisting of a rural visual vocabularly display, lounge seating area and was site specific. Design theory commentary was created on site by the participants. Participants were asked to first create a “drawing” on design theory at one of the drawing stations and then post this commentary on the the walls of the lounge environment. The collection of drawings served to enable the audience to truly participate in the conference and served, not insignificantly, as a curious kind of reality-check, a polling of concern or lack-thereof outside or in addition to the scheduled speakers. The event connected AIGA national president Doug Powell’s “Design for Good” to the AIGA Nashville Think Tank.

This cultural event was one in a series of DIY Design Theory projects undertaken in collaboration with artist Brad Reagan.

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