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Environmental installations are all site specific. As such the environment created can be enveloping and/or confronting. The works are dialogic, rather than authoritarian, in pursuit of what German author Hans Magnus Enzensberger would call emancipatory media.

Selected Collections
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Het Frans Masereel Grafiek Centrum, Kasterlee, Belgium
Royal Museum of Fine Art, Antwerp, Belgium
Ministry of Flemish Culture, Brussels, Belgium
Center for Contemporary Art, Groningen, The Netherlands
Shell incorporated, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
PNEM incorporated, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Collaborative Cultural Events
Try, Try, Try: Participatory Event, 2017, Design Gallery, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Inside Out: Participatory Cultural Manifestation, 2013, Electron, Breda, The Netherlands
DIY Design Theory Event, Helsinki Design Week, 2012 Helsinki, Finland
DIY Design Theory Intervention, Graphic Design Festival Breda, 2012, Breda, The Netherlands
Everyone is a Designer: Collaborative Event, 2012, Design Gallery, Clarksville, Tennessee
DIY Design Theory Event, 2012, AIGA Think Tank Conference, Nashville, Tennessee
Despidida, 2012, Nashville, Tennessee

Selected 1 and 2 Person Exhibitions
Leadership Society Artist Exhibit for the United Way, 2012, Tennessee (1)
Flying Solo 2011-2012, Nashville International Airport, Tennessee (1)
Recent Interests, 2010, Trahern Gallery, Tennessee (1)
Founders, 2009, Michigan (1)
Markiezenhof, 2007, Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands (1)
Het Ploeghuis, 2006, Groningen, The Netherlands (1)
Jubileum, 2005, Groningen, The Netherlands (1)
Het Ploeghuis, 2004, Groningen, The Netherlands (1)
Het Kunsthuis de Permanente, 2002, Groningen, The Netherlands (1)
Unicaat, 2001, Geertruidenberg, The Netherlands (1)
Galerie Grafieker, 2000, Haarlem, The Netherlands (2)
Het Kunsthuis de Permanente, 2000, Groningen, The Netherlands (2)
Sköl, 1999, Stockholm, Sweden (1)
Natuurmuseum, 1998, Groningen, The Netherlands (1)
Pantheon, 1996, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (1)
ADKO, 1996, Raamsdonksveer, The Netherlands (2)
Gallery ten Westen, 1995, Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S. (2)
Saint Urho Festival, 1992-93, Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S. (1)

Selected Galleries / Exhibitions
Faculty Biennial, 2012 Downtown Gallery, Clarksville, Tennessee
Trahern Gallery Biennial, 2011, Nashville, Tennessee
APSU Alumni Gallery, December 2009, Clarksville, Tennessee
Veenkoloniale Museum, 2006, Veendam, The Netherlands
Art Dealer Theo Kusters, 1995-2006, Raamsdonksveer, The Netherland
Het Frans Masereel Centrum, 2004, Kasterlee, Belgium
Zollhaus, 2004, Leer, Germany
Jonge Ploegers, 2004, Molen Adam, The Netherlands
Museum de Oude Wolde, 2003, Bellingwolde, The Netherlands
Markiezenhof, 2003, Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands
Duitsland en Nederland, 2003, Oldenburg, Germany
Arsis en de Ploeg, 2002, Groningen, The Netherlands
Scheepvaartmuseum, 2002, Groningen, The Netherlands
2 Ed, Künstlerbücher Editionen Multiples, 2002, Cologne, Germany
Gallery Kaze, 2000-01, Osaka, Japan
Het Frans Masereel Grafiek Centrum, 1994-02, Kasterlee, Belgium
Kunsthal, 1999, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Center for Contemporary Art, 1998 & 1999, Groningen, The Netherlands
Galerie Grafieker, 1998-2000, Haarlem, The Netherlands
Galerie Witteveen, 1997-present, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Nordquist Ltd., 1997, New York, New York, U.S.
Art Dealer Theo Kusters, 1995-present, Raamsdonksveer, The Netherlands
Kinghorn Studios, 1997, Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.
6 Marte Galerie, 1997, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Kotia Etsimassa – Looking for Home, 1997, Duluth Art Institute, Minnesota, U.S.
Master of Fine Arts Exhibition, 1996, Kresge Art Museum, Michigan, U.S.
Brouwersgracht 238, 1994, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sasama, 1993, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.